Dallas TX Pollen Removal

There is an increased probability of pollen landing in your house if you are living in Dallas, Texas. The pollen can leave permanent stains on your highly valued carpet or upholstery if left for too long hence the need to clear it as soon as it lands in your home. Pollen cleaning can get a little bit complicated especially for people who have not handled it again. However, you can always consider seeking help from a Dallas TX Pollen Removal expert to avoid ruining your carpet.

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Pollen from flowers like lilies may leave yellow or orange stains in your living room. You can use various carpet cleaning equipment such as vacuums to lift the pollen out of the furniture or carpet. Other items that help in pollen removal include a sticky tape, white cloth, or sponge, a Pollen Remover, cleaning solvents, and paper towels. This will help you remove pollen from carpets if you do not intend to hire a Dallas TX Pollen Removal company to complete the task.

Begin the pollen removal process by vacuuming to lift off loose particles, but avoid rubbing the vacuum over the stain to prevent settling. You can alternatively lay a piece of sticky tape on the stain and lift away the loose particles if you are intending to use safe products for green carpet cleaning. You should then pour some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on the stain and use paper towels to blot and then finish by rinsing with lukewarm water. This process should remove pollen stain entirely, but you can contact a company providing carpet cleaning service in Dallas if the stain doesn’t clear.

Expert Pollen Removal & Carpet Steam Cleaning

Pollen removal from carpets should be handled with care to avoid setting the stain. The oils from your hands can quickly set the stain while wetting it will spread the stain further. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a Dallas TX Pollen Removal professional if you do not know much about pollen removal. The experts not only remove pollen but also offer steam carpet cleaning service, which will leave your carpet looking as good as new.

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